The Bodhi Tree holistic healing

We at The Bodhi Tree specialize in all the latest techniques in Massage therapy, Acupuncture, Cupping, and Float Therapy. Our owner and head massage therapist, Ally Goodman, graduated from Boulder College of Massage Therapy. She specializes in Deep Tissue massage, Swedish massage, Sports massage, Prenatal and Post Partum massage. We have recently added a new Massage therapist, Dani Ybarra to our team. Our Acupuncturist, Rachel DaPron, has her Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. She's nationally Certified and has preformed over 4000 treatments to date. She specializes in Community style Acupuncture. She also offers Local point private session Acupuncture, Fire Cupping, Wet Cupping and Herbal Consulting.

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